Bringing work to life.
Life to work.

First Street is based on the simple idea that the right environment can ensure that wellbeing and productivity complement one another, through the bringing together of the personal and the professional; bringing work to life, and life to work.

To make this happen the layout, public realm and amenities must be carefully planned to deliver both function and experience.  At First Street this includes buildings that reflect people’s professional and personal lifestyles, including N0.8, HOME, INNSIDE hotel, and what is surely Manchester’s most stylish car park with the best views of the city.  However, there’s much more to it than that.

N0.1 on First Street

Welcome to N0.1 First Street, Manchester’s newest business destination

Now established as Manchester’s newest business destination, N0.1 has attracted a range of high quality companies who have chosen First Street as their favoured location in the city centre.

Offering a fantastic working environment where natural light floods through all the floors thanks to the stunning central full height atrium, the high quality offices provide a dynamic setting helping to attract and retain the very best talent.  These businesses are helping to create a real sense of community, promoting a very healthy work:life balance.

N0.8 on First Street

Welcome to N0.8 First Street, a prime office development in Manchester’s most distinctive new neighbourhood

N0.8 offers 170,000 sq ft of Grade A, BREEAM Excellent office space, prominently positioned at the gateway to the city centre and also includes five retail/leisure units. The building’s 7 storeys already make it a destination on the Manchester skyline, and its position on Tony Wilson Place, the city’s newest public square, truly integrates it into the evolving story of Manchester.


Bring your business here and you’ll be joining an impressive line-up of high profile companies as well as being surrounded by brilliant amenities, with cafés, bars, restaurants, shopping and car parking, a hotel and HOME, Manchester’s international centre for contemporary art, theatre and film.

Future Phases

Up to four phases of development are planned for First Street, providing a further 750,000 sq ft of flexible and modern Grade A office space.  Building on the success of both N01 and N08, and inspired by the ‘winter gardens’, these offices will also benefit from weatherproof corner gardens to be used as alternative working environments or collaborative breakout spaces.  They breathe life into the buildings both by offering a window onto the city and into the First Street environment, and importantly as healthy and attractive interior spaces for the people who work here.

This expansion of the office element of the estate will target a range of businesses with similar characteristics to those who have already chosen First Street as their Manchester base. Planning Applications are in the process of being prepared and further details will be included here soon.

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