22  Jun 2017


This week we have launched a fantastic competition called Mix Blank Canvas with leading commercial interiors magazine Mix Interiors to look at a range of innovative design solutions for the 6 winter gardens at No8.

Working with Mix Interiors, we have invited designers and fit-out specialists to show us how they envisage the unique space being used by future occupiers.

The designers have been asked to consider how a business from two different sectors might use the winter gardens on floors 1,3 and 5 which provide up to 2,538 sq ft of private amenity space for businesses to use in whichever way suits them. The business sectors might include a call centre, professional services company or creative agency so we expect the submitted designs to all show a quite different approach.

They will provide details of the suggested materials, finishes and fit-out, and visualise how these complement both the office environment and the aesthetic of the wider estate.

The brief also asks people to show how their designs might impact on the recruitment and retention of staff across the chosen sectors.

We look forward to showcasing the ideas submitted in the coming months. Don’t forget to follow the competition on our social channels too.

The deadline for entries is 21 July 2017 and judging will take place in August.  Further details can be found here http://www.mixinteriors.com/ask-the-question/