MCR Flower Show 2022

Punk Queen arrives at First Street


This year the MCR Flower Show falls on the same weekend as the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee, so we thought we’d combine the two and give a right Royal nod to this incredible celebration. Combining elements of the British summertime and a legendary Manchester music concert, our Flower Show entry this year has a First Street twist.

We have partnered with Citiblooms to create our very own Punk Queen of First Street. This year’s display is paying homage to the Platinum Jubilee, but also Manchester’s musical past, featuring an alternative ‘Punk Rock’ Queen that has been inspired by the Sex Pistols. Their infamous gig at the Free Trade Hall in 1976 inspired a generation of new bands as well as the Haçienda and Factory records. It only feels right to go punk this year in Tony Wilson Place.

The inspiration behind the piece:

  • The Queen’s coronation dress – details include floral emblems of the countries of the United Kingdom and those of the other states within the Commonwealth of Nations, including the English Tudor rose, Scots thistle, the Welsh leek, Irish shamrock, Canadian maple leaf, Australian wattle, New Zealand silver fern, South African protea, Indian lotus flower for India, the Lotus flower of Ceylon, and Pakistan’s wheat, cotton, and jute.
  • Punk Rock – We’ve taken the traditional garments and given them a punk twist, inspired by the classic God Save the Queen artwork.
  • Union Jack bunting will reference the thousands of street parties happening across the UK.
  • British summer gardens – red, white and blue and rambling foliage.
  • Rich Gold shades for opulent detailing

The Build:

  • The unique Punk Rock Queen collectively took around 160 hours to build
  • The focus was on the skirt initially created using an abundance of foliage’s and flowers which include Hydrangea and Peonies in shades of purple to represent the Queens Platinum Jubilee logo, moving onto her corset with exquisite Union Jack design and created using individual petals in shades of Red, White and Blue. Our Punk Queen Jacket, boots and funky shorts are made up of Gold Salal with each leaf individually added by hand to create each aspect of these pieces