Fitness at First Street: 10 Week Wellness Programme

The First Street Wellness Programme will be kicking off Tuesday 3rd May. A bespoke workplace wellbeing program that is exclusively FREE for all First Street employees.

This is a group-based exercise program with educational workshops on nutrition, posture awareness and general lifestyle to help you take ownership of your health.

The program involves weekly group-based classes which include:

  • Circuit
  • Bootcamp
  • High-intensity interval training

All of the above includes a process of general assessment, delivery from our best and most experienced Bootcamp coaches and prescribing you with classes to achieve your health goals.

First Street Urban HIIT (Tuesdays)
A Brand-new class involving a blend of Metafit style movements & HIIT training principles. This class will get your strength up as well as training a variety of energy systems. Will involve AMRAP workouts and big Matrix combinations mainly using body weight as a resistance to get you stronger & Fitter than before!
Guaranteed Sweat!

First Street Urban Bootcamp (Wednesdays)
The trainers at Urban reform have been offering outdoor fitness in parks, carparks and within the city centre since 2012. The program is a blend of circuit and teamwork to overcome tyre flips, tug of war and a number of challenging bodyweight exercises to offer an intense workout.
At Bootcamps we promote:

  • A strong community environment
  • Team building with like-minded people
  • Pushing you out of your comfort zone to achieve the best results for you.

First Street Urban Circuit (Thursdays)
A Total Body Urban Circuit class delivered with high energy to get the full body in action. This total body workout aims to develop all areas of your physical and mental fitness. You will use a variety of techniques and equipment to ensure you get the most out of each session.
There is no rep counting here, just working off time periods, therefore it is suitable for all levels of fitness.

5 Health based workshops (dates tbc)

  • Foundations of Nutrition – A clear and insightful workshop to break down the myths and confusing consumer nature of nutrition. It covers the basics of what, when and how much we should be eating during the day. It will touch on how food affects mood and the impact it has on our focus in the day.
  • Nutrition Fuel for work & activity – Building on the earlier workshop, this will look at more in-depth strategies for busy office workers and how to maintain a constant level of energy throughout the day. We will look at how food is related to food and how this affects our choices throughout the day.
  • Lifestyle & Goal Setting – Looking at why and how we create and manage progress against goals. How our lifestyle impacts this and strategies to become a happier and healthier person.
  • Mental Health – Touching on the relationship between activity and mental health which we all know is extremely significant. How our mood and feelings can impact decisions and our performance throughout the day.
  • Lower Back Pain/ Office Work Support – Insightful workshop looking at the impact of employees in mainly sedentary jobs and how we can help alleviate the short- and long-term issues that employees may encounter from sitting for long periods.

To book onto any of the classes on the programme please contact your office manager for the private booking link.