We bring the real Oktoberfest atmosphere to Manchester!

Manchester Oktoberfest will take place on First Street where we will set up a big beer tent to host a traditional Oktoberfest with live music and a great atmosphere. We have a special offer for your Sunday Lunch so you can let the entire family experience Bavarian culture for a day as kids are allowed on Sunday with their parents in the tent.

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We all know that authentic German beer and food needs to be part of Oktoberfest. And Manchester Oktoberfest is about much more than German beer!

Over two weekends you can experience everything that makes a real Oktoberfest. We’ll have live music, full Oktoberfest decoration. Setting up a giant tent for 2,000 people, we will bring you the feeling of being in an authentic Oktoberfest Tent in the middle of Manchester. In addition we bring a live Oomph band form Germany to give the perfect Manchester Oktoberfest feeling!

Blue and white colors characterize the tent and our waitresses and waiters are dressed in Dirndl and Lederhosen. The tent is filled with long rows of tables and benches.

We serve delicious giant beer specially made for Oktoberfest, and it is certain that you will not sit for long before you want to sing along and maybe stand on the benches.